About Us

About Us:

OPUS Financial is a non-profit educational loan provider based in Cleveland, Ohio. OPUS has partnered with A+Funds and Medfunds, national student loan programs, to market a complete zero fee line of loan products to graduate borrowers.

OPUS Financial was created with one mission in mind:

"Helping students realize and achieve their higher education goals through financial awareness and affordable funding."

OPUS accomplishes this by aiding students throughout the financial aid process. We educate young students to help them understand that they can afford college.

OPUS provides a complete line of low-cost educational funding resources at the best possible terms.

OPUS prepares graduates with the proper debt management education to ease the transition from student to professional.

This non-profit mission encompassing financial aid awareness and debt management with student loan funding is what makes OPUS unique. OPUS understands the importance of a higher education; instilling in those who are uncertain about their future that a higher education is a realistic option. Our staff educates high school students stressing the value of education as well as the financial feasibility of obtaining this goal. OPUS provides debt management awareness specially tailored for graduate students who carry the highest educational debt loads.

OPUS has partnered with many industry leaders, from guarantor to servicer, ensuring a quality educational loan program.

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